In the UK, plastic recycling is fast becoming the topic of choice and is much higher on the agenda of many companies than in previous years…

With Hoardfast PVC you can be assured…

Westgate are and continue to be committed to providing sustainable PVC hoarding systems and as such our promise to our customers is:

  •  Our Hoardfast PVC panels are manufactured from 85% recycled plastics, our Hoardfast Budget panels are also manufactured   using recycled plastics.
  • At the end of their useful life, panels are sent for recycling. We recycle around 12 tonnes of panels each quarter, which are remanufactured into new panels (as well as other plastic items).
  • Hoardfast PVC is designed to be reusable and as such we offer panels on a hire term, which are then cleaned and reused on multiple projects. The average lifecycle of a panel is 10 uses.
  • All of our systems are constructed from lightweight materials, helping to reduce environmental damage that occurs during the transportation of goods.
  • We encourage our customers to return any unwanted panels and we’ll happily recycle them.
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