Site Segregation for Hospitals

The hygienic components and simple click-together installation of the Hoardfast range make it ideally suited to sensitive hospital environments and is excellent in helping to meet privacy and dignity regulations…

  • Temporary to semi-permanent PVC internal screening system
  • Tongue and groove click-together system offers a dust tight seal
  • Free-standing low level or floor to ceiling panel height options
  • Fast and simple to install – minimal disruption to patients and staff
  • Clean to install – no paint, sawdust or mess during installation
  • Save £’s – cheaper to purchase and install then traditional plasterboard methods
  • Reusable – easily washdown, relocate and reuse
  • Fire and sound rated panel options available
  • Single, double doors and vision panels optional
  • Available to purchase or hire

Our team are familiar with the strict requirements of a hospital environment, which have played a central part in the systems design. Many panels within the range have a 2.7m standard panel height option, specifically created to fit the average hospital ceiling height.

Hoardfast is suitable for the following:

  • Patient rooms/wards or lobby areas
  • Patient cubicles or isolation bays for infection control
  • Screening off refurbishment works
  • Door or window screens, lift shaft containment

For added patient/visitor experience and comfort, screen graphics can be a great way to enhance the environment (cheer up patients with messages) or advertise a new wing and upcoming refurbishment.

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