Below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions we receive, Can’t find the answer your after no problem call our sales team on 01785 242181 or email and we will be happy to assist.

Q. How long has the company been trading?

A. the company was formed in 1977

Q. How many people do you employ?

A. As a group the company currently employs between 40-50 people, these work across the Solar Control, Factory Divider and Site Segregation Divisions

Q. Are you Certified?

A. Yes, we carry all recognised certifications including CHAS, Safecontractor, Constructionline, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and Achilles.

Q. Do I get charged for returning damaged products?

A. As with many businesses in our sector that hire products we operate a graded system PLEASE SEE PDF this means that there is a tolerance with the condition that we will accept back before charges apply. However if a panel is returned and needs to be downgraded due to damages then charges may apply. We are open and upfront about any charges so please speak to a member of our team during your enquiry.

Q. Can I apply graphics to hired hoarding?

A. Yes you can apply hoarding graphics, however it is important to note that graphics and any residue will need to be removed before returning the products. Due to our processes of cleaning all panels before they are reused you may incur charges for cleaning if they are returned with graphics attached. We would advise against using a vinyl graphic on hired products due to the strong adhesive.

Q. Will there be additional charges if I go over my hire period?

A. Hoardings are charged on a weekly rate, agreed at the beginning of the project. If the project runs over then additional charges will apply at this agreed rate, and on a per week basis.

Q. Do Westgate provide installation services?

A. Yes Westgate can provide installation as part of your quote and we use only approved installers. However due to the ease of installation many of our clients choose to install the product themselves.

Q. Do I require skilled labour to install the hoardings?

A. No the Hoardfast range is a modular click together system that is quick and easy to install. With our popular ranges we send out fitting instructions. To see how easy Hoardfast can be installed see our videos section CLICK HERE

Q. Can deliveries be made out of hours or on weekends?

A.Yes we operate an out of standard hours delivery service, if you require such as service please mention this during your enquiry and we will include this in your quote

Q. How do we offload products once they get to site?

A. With small orders and deliveries (up to 35 linear meters) we offer a hands on service, meaning that the delivery driver will help to offload products.  For larger orders our logistics manager will speak to site to analyse site conditions and recommend the most appropriate solution

Q. What is universal mullion system?

A. It is a 3 part support foot for freestanding systems.  This can be supplied with a range of weight options to help comply with crowd loading requirements.  The 3 parts are the; base, the foot and the support pole.

Q. How far do mullions protrude behind the hoarding?

A. For the offset foot the protrusion is 625mm, and for the universal foot it is 750mm

Q. How much does each weight, weigh?

A. On average each standard yellow Westgate weight is 16KG

Q. What are the internal door widths?

A. For our standard door range a single door is 770mm and a double door is 1340mm

Q. Do I have to fix my hoarding to existing surfaces?

A. All freestanding systems require no fixings, whereas the floor to ceiling options are fitted using u-channels and a range of fixing options.  Please contact us for advice on our range of fixing solutions

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